Genre: Neo-Burlesque (Boylesque)
Props: Chair & Ostrich Feather Fans
Music: The Neighbourhood- Lurk & Glass Animals- Black Mamba
Length: Six minutes and fifty seconds (06:50)

King-St-Fox-Nonentia-Boylesque (1)
King-St-Fox-Nonentia-Boylesque (4)
King-St-Fox-Nonentia-Boylesque (3)

Justin Thyme 

Genre: Neo-Burlesque (Boylesque)
Props: Bench/Two Chairs, Blow-up Doll/Rag Doll 
Music: Queen- Someone to Love & Roy Orbison- Pretty Woman & Tony Bennet- Just in Time & KISS- I was made for loving you
Length: Five minutes and four seconds (05:04)

King-St-Fox-Justin-Thyme-Boylesque (1)
King-St-Fox-Justin-Thyme-Boylesque (2)
King-St-Fox-Justin-Thyme-Boylesque (3)

MAKE LOVE, not war!

Genre: Neo-Burlesque (Boylesque)
Props: Silk Veils
Music: Woodkid- Iron (Mystery Jets Remix)
Length: Four minutes and twenty seven seconds (04:27)

King-St-Fox-Make-Love-Not-War-Boylesque (1)
King-St-Fox-Make-Love-Not-War-Boylesque (2)
King-St-Fox-Make-Love-Not-War-Boylesque (3)

Food for Thought!

Genre: Comedy Burlesque (Duo performance with Diva Disastar)
Props: Chair, Table, Wine Bottle, Wine Glass and Beer Mug, Rolling Pin and Flour
Music: Ruth Wallis- Pizza
Length: Two minutes and thirty seven seconds (02:37)

King-St-Fox-Food-For-Thought-Comedy Burlesque (5)
King-St-Fox-Food-For-Thought-Comedy Burlesque (4)
King-St-Fox-Food-For-Thought-Comedy Burlesque (1)
King-St-Fox-Food-For-Thought-Comedy Burlesque (3)

Pelvis PressMe

Genre: Impersonation & Lipsync 
Props: Two buresque/boylesque/draglesque performers willing to be Vegas Fan dancers (improv fan dancing with a small twist at the end).
Music: Elvis Presley- A little less conversations, Heartbreak Hotel, JailHouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas 
Length: Six minutes and fifty seconds (06:50)

King-St-Fox-Pelvis-PressMe-DragKing (1)
King-St-Fox-Pelvis-PressMe-DragKing (2)
King-St-Fox-Pelvis-PressMe-DragKing (4)
King-St-Fox-Pelvis-PressMe-DragKing (3)


Genre: with live bands or DJ’s
Props: Angle Grinder & Double Bass/Metal Corset/Metal Crotch Plate
Music: Heavy Metal, Rock, EDM, Drum & Base, Hard House etc.
Length: Three to five minutes per set (03:00-05:00 per set)

King-St-Fox-Angle-Grinding (1)
King-St-Fox-Angle-Grinding (2)
King-St-Fox-Angle-Grinding (3)