How To: Video Captions on YouTube

Did you know that you can create video captions straight from your YouTube Creator Studio? Now, don’t get me wrong though, I did not say it was going to be any easier than my first ‘How To: Video Captions on a Budget’ but the bonus is that everything is all in one place (just about) and relatively easy to use.

1. YouTube Studio

  • Open up and log into your YouTube Studio.
  • Upload your video and set it as ‘Private’ or ‘Unlisted’, this helps if you are not planning on keeping your video on YouTube after adding subtitles.
  • Once your video has uploaded, click the ‘Subtitles’ button, which can be found on the left in the Channel Menu.
  • Select the video you have just uploaded.

2. Set your Language

  • Click the ‘Add Language’ button.
  • Set your desired language. (E.g. English).
  • Click ‘Add’ (this will only happens once, thereafter you will hit ‘Edit’ every time you want to go back into the file).
  • This brings you to a pop-up window that allows you to choose how you want to add subtitles to your video.

3. Adding Subtitles

  • Choose between ‘Upload’; ‘Auto-Syncing’ or ‘Type Manually’.
  • Make sure to select the correct box (with or without timing) if you choose to upload your own transcript file.
  • ‘Without timing’ allows you to use the ‘Auto-Sync’ option.

4. Auto-Sync

  • Select Auto-Sync
  • You can either upload a transcript file without timings, or you can copy and paste your content into the box allocated.
  • Click ‘Assign Timings’.
  • Click ‘Save and Close’.
NOTE: YouTube requires time to synchronize your content to the video. 
When it's complete, 'Published' can be seen under your subtitles label.

5. Type Manually

  • Select ‘Type Manually’.
  • Tick the ‘Pause While Typing’ box to help you keep up with the video.
  • To avoid confusing yourself with the timings, select the ‘Edit As Text’ box.
  • Hit publish once you are content with your transcription.
Example Text

(Audience Cheers)
[Wolf] A little less Conversation
A little more Action
That’s what I want
[Fox] But I ain’t nothing but a hound dog
trying to win the race, yoh!
(Audience Cheers)

6. Double Check

Before you start sharing your newly subtitled video, or download for other platforms, DOUBLE CHECK your work.

Watch the video, paying close attention to timing and words. Go back into the file and edit the timing or text accordingly. The more finessed the video the better the engagement.

7. Permanent Captions

YouTube can be a great tool, but if you need to create permanent captions in your video you’re going to have to download the file.

  • Select the video in your YouTube Studio.
  • Click the three dots at the end of the selected language line.
  • Click download and select .srt
  • From there on out you can follow the process found in my How To: How to Video Captions on a Budget (steps 7 and 8).

Woooohoooo! You’ve done it!

You’ve successfully created your very own captioned video.

Over time this process will become a natural habit and the art of fine-tuning your captions will become easier.

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