King St.Fox

In a world full of yings and yangs, arose a rebellious being with a heart of gold. Sauvé and secretive, King St.Fox epitomises gender fluidity with tongue-in-cheek boylesque performances that often leave folx questioning their preferences…

King St.Fox posing on a chair with a hat and suit.

The Origins King St.Fox

A Fox is a Fox who knows how to Fox, or so They thought They did.

My story started out pretty ordinary in that nobody ever imagined the life I, King St.Fox, would be leading today. In fact if we had to really stretch as far back as one can, one could have said that my life was set from the very beginning.  Unfortunately for everyone else, the universe didn’t seem to agree with those plans and led me down a path that helped mould the person I am today; a queer genderfluid Drag King extraordinaire representing the House of BOB, a.k.a. Black Orchid Burlesque ZA. 

Achievements and Career Highlights

King St.Fox in the Media